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The finest in dread candy since 2004

Hey there, I’m Courtnee, the stylist behind fakehair.net. I’ve been into fake hair in various forms since about 2002, and have been creating hair for others since 2004.

As the tagline “dreadlock sculpture” implies, the dreads I make are dynamic, unique pieces of artwork. They’re made with 100% Kanekalon synthetic hair, back-combed, steamed, trimmed, steamed again, treated with beeswax, and sealed with a tiny bead of craft glue.

It generally takes me 10 minutes to create each dread on a wig, a bit less for extensions which I don’t have to shape onto a head, and which I generally make straighter and smaller diameter.

I charge $30 an hour for dread sculpture as well as installation. A typical short wig takes me 16 hours from start to finish to make, which is how I created my pricing structure, which includes discounting of my usual rate for long and reversible styled wigs.

Clients include countless hair-loving individuals, theater companies, circus performers, a lovely woman enduring chemotherapy, Ana Voog of anacam.com, alternative model Josie Nutter, and Dani Bae of playboy.

Though I now create perhaps 3 hair projects a year these days, I still very much enjoy creating hair for my clients and for myself. Thank you so much for the support of my customers and friends. It’s been my pleasure to serve you since 2004 and continue to serve you into the future!

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  1. namariyay says:

    hi! i see you haven’t updated ( i think..) in a few years, but i’m wondering if you can point me to a dread tech in seattle (i’m a former 9 year long client of Sonia 5, of the Hairpolice, may she rest in peace) and i wanna resume my dreads-after a six year hiatus of a bleached and toned bob, which was hella fun, but i dearly long for the mermaid tresses i had before my divorce, which was when i cut off my dread-permed fronds and saved them, actually, such was the ‘relationship’ my hair and i shared.
    if you’re the blond in the pic that got me to this site, well, sister, U R rockin it hella hard.
    in seattle, there’s only an inaccesible coterie of stylists who know the method based on the hairpolice. the chica I met with today wants one THOUSAND bucks to give me an above shoulder length bob, with human hair, even tho i totally have been around the block with a head of mixed dreads- ie my own with a half dozen or so ‘special effects’ synths and omg, she is doing such an awful lot of what seems like extra work–she ‘crochets’ the human hair dread she creates with her hands at home one by one with a crochet needle onto my own hair–how work intensive can that be? and it takes her at least 2 weeks to order the hair and create the locks. l
    the elegance and simplicity of the hairpolice is hammering my brain as i contemplate handing this sweet gal 1K for a head of hair that makes me look like i dont’ really take much time on my hair.
    dont’ get me wrong–i know the handiwork and supreme craftwork inherent in a dread installer’s skill set. sonia always nudged me to get the certification–but i was a cmt, and my hands were thrashed enough from that…

    listen….i know you might think i’m rambling here. i don’t mean to. i just DO NOT want to waste my money just because I’m not in SF anymore -l lived there for 27 years and left it last March for my fiance’s sake when his dad died….after my cat died……

    jeez. sorry to lament.
    can you give me ANY dread advice at all, even if it isn’t seattle specific?

    forgive me any oversights. i’ haven’t looked over your whole site.
    i’d be so grateful for any feedback, bella……

    ciao for now

    • courtnee says:

      Hey lady,

      I am still active (if you check the blog page you can see my latest work), but I don’t do the installs you’re looking for – I use elastics, not the hairpolice method. You can definitely expect to spend a few hundred bucks at the very least on an install of any kind, and the type of service the lady who quoted you $1000 is doing is within that price range, though you would probably want the human hair option if you were extending your own natural dreadlocks. I suggest giving Jade a call at Scream on Capitol Hill. I haven’t worked with her myself, but Jonquil, my former dread stylist, recommends her. Best of luck!

      P.S. I removed your phone number for privacy reasons – these comments are public and you probably don’t want that. <3

  2. Ashley says:

    Hello beautiful woman you!
    First off thank you so much for you! For all you do; definatly a blessing to this world we live on! So I’m very interested in getting dread extensions and have been searching around on who the heck can instal them! I live about 45 mins from Seattle but out in the sticks where I live was not able to find some one willing or Able. So I see you do install them! My question/s is will you instal ones bought from let’s say etsy, or Do you have them? I am going in circles trying to figure out how I can get this done! I know it is spendy and am aware of the time. I want to choose extensions vs natural dreads for my first trial run ( BUT I KNOW I WILL LOVE THEM) have wanted them since I was quite young! And it would be a pleasure to meet an amazing soul such as you ;) much love to you and happy energy sending your way!

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