<3 Dreads!

The finest in dread candy from 2004

Hey there, I’m Courtnee, the stylist behind fakehair.net. I’ve been into fake hair in various forms since about 2002, and began creating hair for others in 2004. My clients have included countless hair-loving individuals, theater companies, circus performers, a lovely woman enduring chemotherapy, Ana Voog of anacam.com, alternative model Josie Nutter, and Dani Bae of playboy.

I no longer create dread extensions or wigs. This was a multi-stage process, beginning largely in 2011 with the BP oil spill. My profound reaction to that tragedy caused me to consider my use of fossil fuels in my life in a way that even my W.A.S.T.E. project had not. I decided to considerably reduce my use of plastic hair in my art as a means to do something that aligned me better with my conservation values, and to stop taking orders for other people.

Since 2011, I have made only one highly discounted wig, for a performer, in exchange for ‘exposure’ I never received — the atmosphere of that exchange further confirmed for me that my days of making hair for others were over.

Additionally, I no longer wear or own the dreads I had created for myself after making, and reaffirming, that decision. My reasons for this are illustrated very well in this writeup about cultural appropriation and white feminism.

In the absence of creating dread wigs, I still make art, quite a lot of it, and music, but I do not wear or make money providing dreadlocks or braids any longer.

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